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Professional MPEG & DVB Software



Professional MPEG & DVB Monitoring 

Core Features:

  • Decoding of all SI tables and descriptors defined in ISO 13818-1 MPEG-2
  • Decoding of all DVB SI tables and descriptors defined in ETSI EN 300 468 V1.15.1
  • Identification of HBBTV, MHP, MHEG-5 and OpenTV interactive Services
  • Monitoring and Downloading of DSM-CC Object Carousels 
    (including HBBTV, MHP and MHEG-5 carousels)
  • TV and Radio Playback
  • DVB-IPI / IPTV Relay
  • File recorder
  • Support for a wide range of input devices
  • Conditional Access ECM/EMM Monitor
  • TR 101 290 Monitoring

Please download our trial version and have a look at the analyzer yourself.
Learn more about our MPEG Analyzer...

Common Interface Protocol Stack



Our Common Interface Stack already enables PayTV on thousands of DVB Settop Boxes worldwide, including single-slot and dualslot systems and a wide range of processors. The ANSI-C sourcecode is highly portable and only a small PCMCIA I/O driver has to be implemented for new platforms. And the best: We guarantee compatibility to all Common Interface modules which are available to the general public ! Learn more about our CI stack... 

or check out our detailed compatibility list.




DVB-SSU Generator

We have a DVB-SSU stream generator .

BISS CI Module !

You need a CI module which can descramble BISS services ? Here it is...

MHEG-5 Engine - Get Interactive !

"Press red" and add support for interactive applications to your receiver software. You can find more information about our MHEG5 Engine here.