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DVB Simulcrypt Scrambler

Looking for a flexible IP to IP scrambling software? Look no further!



The Streamguru DVB Simulcrypt scrambler can be used in a fully independent mode as BISS scrambler or together with any standards compliant conditional access system implementing the DVB Simulcrypt protocol as specified in ETSI TS 103 197 and ETSI TR 102 035.


Input: Uni-/Multicast UDP/RTP MPEG-2 TS
Output: Uni-/Multicast UDP/RTP MPEG-2 TS
Administration Interface: Web-UI (local Webserver)
Maximum bandwidth: Host CPU dependent
CA System Interfaces:

  • BISS (built-in)
  • DVB Simulcrypt ECMG/EMMG according to TS103197 V1.5.1
    (up to 4 CA systems)
    Like our LabCAS system.


The simulcrypt core is implemented independent of the actual scrambling algorithms through a flexible dynamic linking interface. The supported algorithms are:

  • CSA
  • CSA (constant key / BISS)
  • DES / CI+ compatible
  • AES / CI+ compatible
  • AES
  • optional: API for implementing custom algorithms

The CSA scrambling code has been specifically hardened to avoid scrambling vulnerable/weak packets. This makes the the stream immune to rainbow table based attacks. This is a significant advantage over existing hardware-based scrambling devices and allows the continued safe use of this widely adopted algorithm for another couple of years if legacy hardware needs to be supported.

How does it work ?

Just have a look at the screenshots showing the different menus.

How to buy

To start the purchasing process, please contact us and include the requested invoice and shipping address as well as your corporate VAT identification number (if available). We will then send you an official quote/invoice within 24 hours.

This product is not sold or shipped to endusers or resellers.
A usb license dongle is required to run the software.

Cross-Platform support

This software is available for Windows and Linux.
All licenses always include access to both builds.