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The most reliable CI stack on the planet

The GkWare Common Interface Stack already enables PayTV on thousands of DVB Setttop boxes worldwide,  including single-slot and dual-slot systems and little and big-endian CPUs. The ANSI-C source code is portable and only a small low level PCMCIA I/O driver has to be developed for new platform integrations. Compatibility for all modules available to the general public is guaranteed. 


  • Support for designs with dedicated controller Chips (CiMax/StarCI) or direct bus/GPIO connections
  • Simple Integration of custom resources
  • Flexible PMT => CAPMT converter
  • PCMCIA Card-Info-Structure decoder included
  • Full ETSI R206-001 profile level 1 implementation
  • CI+ V1.3/1.4 add-on available
  • PVR / Headend descrambling mode
  • Supports friendly coexistence with other PCMCIA drivers
    (e.g. Compact Flash, Network Interface or Bluetooth)
  • Clean ANSI-C source code with C++ compatible header files
  • Resource Manager
  • Application Information Version 1 and 2
  • MMI
  • DateTime
  • CA Support
  • Host Control
  • LowSpeed Communication


  • ARM
  • MIPS
  • SH4
  • x86,x64
  • *.*


  • approximately 32kb RAM + 16kb per Slot
  • Multitasking OS recommended (but not required)
    (existing ports for OS20,Nucleus+, uCOS, pSoS, Win32)


  • The code compiles and runs on pretty much
    every CPU core available today, from PICs
    over FPGA softcores to the latest
    state-of-the-art chipsets.


Module Compatibility List