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Professional MPEG & DVB Software

Features in development for the next version:

  • none (yet), let us know what you are looking for

Version 3.00

Published Oct 7th 2023:
Requires active support until Jan 1st 2023

  • Update to spec A038 Rev.16 / April 2023
    • added DTS-UHD_descriptor decoder
    • added service_prominence_descriptor decoder
    • added vvc_subpictures_descriptor decoder
    • added S2Xv2_satellite_delivery_system_descriptor decoder
    • updated HEVC/VVC/AVS3 component types
    • added VVC/AVS3 service type identification
  • filter for known channel names in transponder list
  • enhanced readability for 2k/4k display resolutions
  • preserve aspect ratio for TVPlayer in VMR9-mode
  • added audio codec Information overlay to TVPlayer
  • dropped support for obsolete B2C2 / Skystar2 proprietary driver interface
  • disabled support for ATSC table decoding
  • internal transition of parser/decoder codebase and logging/export formats to UTF-8 (instead of UNICODE/wchar_t)
  • reduced memory consumption of H.264 processor
  • improved rendering quality of codec information overlay
  • save state of codec information overlay
  • update to Dektec SDK August 2023
  • integrated webserver option for simplified remote-monitoring
  • Linux host OS support

Version 2.102

Published Aug 11th 2022:
Requires active support until Aug 11th 2022

  • display of HEVC color space, profile and level (in addition to the resolution)
  • support for LAV filters for H.265 / HEVC decoding

Version 2.101

Published Jul 11th 2022:
Requires active support until Jul 11th 2022

  • added video codec Information overlay to TVPlayer
  • added volume control to TVPlayer
  • expanded DirectX version check dialog (including DXDiag information and DXVA hardware acceleration support)
  • added NVidia CUDA/NVDec hardware acceleration information dialog
  • added textual dumps of DSM-CC DSI and DII to carousel exports
  • Fixed support for Dektec DTA-2137 DVB-S/S2 receiver
  • improved control over multimonitor fullscreen TV playback
  • tested on Windows 11 (*yuck* - what a creepy&ugly ad-delivery OS)

Version 2.100

Published Feb 11th 2022:
Requires active support until Jan 1st 2021 (backdated due to the unusually long update interval)

  • bind-fix for port number re-use
  • syntax fixes/checks for exotic RTP header extension and padding
  • fixed ES-filter PES header cutoff for several stream ids
  • update to Dektec SDK December 2021 (v5)
  • dropped support for obsolete Dektec v4 API
  • support for Dektec RF receiver cards supporting more than one core modulation standard (Test-Release 2.99a)
  • fix for IPv4 SSM address input
  • bind-fix for Windows 10 Multicasts with SSM and multiple NICs (Test-Release 2.99b)
  • added warning message if an outdated (<= 7.21a) Codemeter Runtime with known security issues is detected
  • relaxed PCR interval requirement from 40ms to 100ms due to change in new TR 101 290 specification revision
  • fullscreen playback can be positioned on secondary monitor(s)

Version 2.99

Published March 7th 2020:
Requires active support until December 1st 2019 (Due to the unusually long update interval)

  • added Astra 19.2°E, Hotbird 13.0°E, Astra2 28.2°E and Astra 23.5°E transponder lists and corresponding "Select from channel list" buttons for vendor-specific, BDA and SAT>IP feeds
  • added "Save ES/PES" context menu shortcut for AAC and HEVC streams
  • full decoding of MJD/UTC in local_time_offset_descriptor
  • fix for missing "fallback private descriptor parser", (for invalid LCN signalling)
  • update to Dektec SDK July 2019
  • added decoding of DSM-CC descriptors: NPT_reference_descriptor, NPT_endpoint_descriptor, Stream_mode_descriptor, Stream_event_descriptor
  • fixed name of application_name_char field in AIT application_name_descriptor
  • updated list of component_descriptor values based on latest EN 300 468 revision 1.16.1
  • added JXS_video_descriptor decoding based on H.222.0 Amd1 (11/2019)
  • automatic selection of "first active" network interface for multicasts (unless an interface has been selected explicitly)
  • added support for TVXML Export of EPG data in addition to the raw export format
  • support for decoding of used-defined custom descriptors
  • bugfix for starting data-carousels and ssu-mode-carousels from the main menu instead of the PMT context menu

Version 2.95

Requires active support until February 6th 2019

  • added more commandline options:
    • to automatically start logging into files:
      mtsa /TRLOG:S:\trlog.txt /SILOG:s:\silog.txt
    • to control the new webserver
      mtsa /HTTP:4222
      (to start the server on port 4222)
    • to control the integrated RTP IP relay:
      mtsa /IPI:
      (to relay the stream as RTP multicast to
      mtsa /IPI:OFF
      (to turn of the RTP relay for a specific instance when it has been enabled by the default configuration)
    • to control the window title:
      mtsa /NAME:"My title is Stream #1"
  • ability to decode and display SI descriptors on a "per section" basis
    instead of the traditional "per table" mode
  • update to Codemeter SDK 6.60
  • added license request generator menu option
  • added option to suppress SAT>IP "pids=all" requirement warning
  • update to Dektec SDK July 2018
  • fixed bandwidth issue for older Dektec DTU ASI receiver devices
  • fixed display of hex organization_id in AITs as 32bit
  • added identification for several MPEG-2 defined new stream types (MPEG-H, additional H.264/H.265 3D views, TEMI)
  • added identification of HEVC UHD service type
  • removed obsolete Dreamcrypt monitoring

Version 2.91

Requires active support until October 23rd 2017

  • improved UI usability for high-resolution displays
  • decoding of TTML_subtitling_descriptor and "downloadable font info linkage" linkage type 0x20
  • improved heuristic for autodetection of RTP vs. plain UDP streams
  • support for commandline shortcut selecting an IP feed as input (syntax: "MTSA.EXE IP:")
  • support for Windows7 builtin AAC decoder in "Microsoft DTV-DVD Audio Decoder"
  • support for Mainconcept HEVC Directshow codecs as shipped with the freenet TV USB stick
  • automatic stop of Windows SSDP service conflicting with built-in SSDP client for SAT>IP
  • HTTP client workaround for elgato/geniatech SAT>IP Content-length issue
  • added fallback decoding for user-private range descriptors that are not properly preceded by a private_data_specifier descriptor according to MPEG2/DVB rules. These descriptors will be marked as "invalid user-private,PD descriptor missing". This will allow proper decoding of the Tivùsat Fastscan LCN descriptors on 13.0°E 10992/V/27500
    • 0x83 will be decoded as EACEM logical_channel_descriptor
    • 0x88 will be decoded as EACEM HD_simulcast_logical_channel_descriptor
  • added support for "timeout=" session parameter in SAT>IP
  • automatic detection of "ASTROMETA DTV Filter" as DVB-T2 receiver device

Version 2.90

Requires active support until April 23rd 2017

  • fix for network interfaces not being enumerated if links without "physical address" are present
  • added decoder for:
    HEVC_descriptor (MPEG2 descriptor 0x38)
    CI_ancillary_data_descriptor (DVB extended descriptor 0x14)
    AC-4_descriptor (DVB extended descriptor 0x15)
    C2_bundle_delivery_system_descriptor (DVB extended descriptor 0x16)
    S2X_satellite_delivery_system_descriptor (DVB extended descriptor 0x17)
    audio_preselection_descriptor (DVB extended descriptor 0x19)
  • updated decoding to follow latest A038 version for:
    C2_delivery_system_descriptor (DVB extended descriptor 0x0D)
    S2_satellite_delivery_system_descriptor (DVB descriptor 0x79)
  • fixed display of URL_base_byte in AIT transport_protocol_descriptor
    (HBBTV transport URLs)
  • crypto period / CA phase monitor
  • update to latest Dektec API/SDK "February 2017"
  • replaced of code-signing certificate (transition from SHA-1 to SHA-256 due Microsoft policy changes)
    This may cause certificate warnings for OSes that have not been updated to support SHA-256 (esp. pre-Windows 7, a fully patched Windows 7 and later versions support SHA-256)

Version 2.82

Requires active support until Aug 15th 2015

  • experimental SAT>IP input support
    all server devices tested so far have severe issues with the "pids=all" mode
  • fixed support for Dektec API v5 support for cards with integrated demodulators
  • fixed video codec selection GUI bug
  • improved handling of TV Playback failures
  • re-added filter for DVB Annex A string encoding control characters

Version 2.81

Requires active support until March 25th 2015

  • improved HEVC stream detection (supporting SES trial stream)
  • corrected fullscreen
  • support for HEVC decoding in TV player (confirmed with Elecard codecs)
  • support for automatic DirectShow codec selection
  • support for builtin A/V decoders on Windows 7 and higher in TV player
  • improved support for E-AC3 and AAC decoding in TV player
  • Dektec v5 API crash fix

Version 2.80

Requires active support until March 17th 2015

  • added new EN300468 component descriptor values
  • fixed issues for high-bandwidth RDS data
  • optimizations for RTP reception and transmission
  • full unicode/DVB Annex-A string support for all UIs/decoders
  • fix for reserved bit in application_signalling_descriptor
  • removed obsolete workaround for older tt-connect BDA devices
  • DirectShow filter improvements
  • fixed stability issue in TR101290 monitoring component

Version 2.71

Requires active support until Oct 13th 2014

  • added support for IP Multicast source selection
  • added Nordig content_Protection_descriptor to descriptor decoder
  • added PCR overview option (simultaneous PCR analysis for all services)
  • fixed/enhanced detection of TR 101290 repetition rate errors
  • corrected file feed looping feature (avoid CC errors)
  • detection of stream type 0x24 as HEVC
  • loop detection for IPTV feed and IPTV Relay
  • (license system changes)

Version 2.70

Requires active support until Apr 5th 2014

  • textual decoding of EIT content nibbles
  • recognition of enhanced AC3 / Dolby Digital Plus
  • fixes for RDS/Radiotext character set translation (EBU-latin)
  • update to Dektec DTAPI 5.2
  • added new EN300468 component descriptor values
  • added new EN300468 descriptor: URI_linkage_descriptor
  • added new EN300468 service-off-air running status
  • added DTS-HD_audio_stream_descriptor and URI_linkage_descriptor
  • added full decoding of scrambling_mode in scrambling_descriptor
  • fixed 64bit int format string issue for error locations in diagnostic logs
  • added option for splitting a TS recording "every x seconds" or "every y bytes"
  • added registry-based option to disable selected analysis options for performance reasons
  • exception fix for extreme transport streams with more than 400 tables/services
  • optimization in IPTV Feed for low-bitrate feeds
  • update to latest UI toolkit version
  • registry-based option to change EIT filter PID value

Version 2.60

Requires active support until Jan 4th 2013

  • full support for ISO6937 text encoding including all diacritical marks
  • added decoded start date to EIT decoder
  • added tuning support for Dektec devices with on-board tuner/demodulator (DTAPI v4 & v5)
  • added advanced TS recording options (time/size limit)
  • added T2MI_descriptor from latest EN 200 468 version

Version 2.51

Requires active support until July 30th 2012

  • fix for upgrade- and non-admin installation issues on Windows Vista/7/8

Version 2.50

Requires active support until July 30th 2012

  • simultaneous support for Dektec API v4 and v5
  • added support for additional data_identifiers in TTX decoder
  • relaxed identification requirements for Digicipher-II subtitles (SCTE27)
  • added EN 62216:2011 HD_simulcast_logical_channel_descriptor
  • added Eutelsat_channel_number_descriptor
  • improved stability of SD/HD video decoding (reduced demux video ES buffersize, increased number of buffers)
  • added correct textual identification for PCR-only PIDs in Bandwidth&Pid-Grid views
  • fix for DVB-C BDA tuning dialog modulation options

Version 2.42

Requires active support until March 30th 2012

  • fix for Installation issues on Windows 7 and the Windows 8 Preview

Version 2.41

Requires active support until Feb 19th 2012

  • fix for private descriptor decoders

Version 2.40

Requires active support until December 19th 2011

  • support for Metadata_pointer_descriptor, Metadata_descriptor, Metadata_STD_descriptor
  • fixed video_depth_range_descriptor decoding
  • ability to record a single channel
  • upgrade to new Dektec API version (Nov 2011)
  • reduced Dektec Input buffer size and timeout to improve support  for analysis of low-bandwidth streams
  • added option to disable the smoothing algorithm of the Bitrate graph
  • added PES header filter to MPEG2 Demultiplexer to improve compatibility with some video encoders/transcoders and codecs

Version 2.32

Requires active support until August 24th 2011

  • fixed DSM-CC DDB recovery related issue
  • support for HD subtitling (up to 1920x1080)
  • improved DSM-CC DSI and DII display/decoding (including full MPEG-2 section header and CRC32)
  • fixed potential crash in subtitling decoder
  • upgrade to new Dektec API version (Feb 2011)
  • support for native KNC1 TVStation DVB-S2 driver (with Diseqc support)
  • fixed language decoding inside supplementary_audio_descriptor

Version 2.31

Requires active support until February 23rd 2011

  • improved BDA driver compatibility (Tevii, Avermedia Volar)
  • added new descriptors from DVB A38 / EN 300 468 v1.12.1
    (3D / stereoscopic service types, video_depth_range_descriptor, C2_delivery_system_descriptor)
  • improved linkage descriptor parsing (SSU, event linkage)

Version 2.30

Requires active support until January 16th 2011

  • added CoreAVC codec support for MPEG4 AVC decoding
  • new CI+ 1.3 descriptors
  • special handling for Australian parental rating signalling
  • more helpful IPTV feed error messages, added TS-Lock check for IP feeds
  • corrected pid-grid identification for HD-streams
  • added support for Digicipher-II subtitles
  • ATSC CVCT decoding
  • allow re-configuration of RTP relay without application restart
  • fixed error in data_broadcast_id_descriptor SSU structure
  • fixed memory leak in custom section filter for private sections
  • fixed some issues related to TV-Player audio stream changes

Version 2.22

Requires active support until July 23rd 2010

  • improved data_broadcast_id descriptor decoding
  • added B2C2 ATSC support
  • fixed (not appearing) license selection dialog if dongle runtime is missing
  • added support for entering kHz instead of MHz for frequencies
  • automatic bitrate dection for files
  • limited decoding of DVB-T SFN MIPs

Version 2.21

Requires active support until March 1st 2010

  • fixed potential crash for corrupted NITs

Version 2.20

Requires active support until Feb 10th 2010

  • support for MPEG-4 AAC audio encoding (TV Player)
  • improved support for MPEG-4 AVC video encoding (TV Player, BBC HD)
  • support for TV Anytime RCTs
  • support for DVB string encoding type 1F 01/02, as used by BBC/Freesat
  • support for teletext sub-pages
  • improved error messages for feed-related problems
  • list of recently selected IP-adresses for IP input
  • fixed support for 2 & 8 bit CLUTs in DVB-Subtitling decoder
  • XML export of various SI tables
  • launch of external applications triggered by TR101 290 alarm
  • support for Codemeter USB license dongles
  • fixed identification of some private linkage_types in linkage_descriptors
  • fixed bug that caused some services not to be listed in the TV
    player context menu and bandwidth monitor if another service was signaled without service descriptor
  • update to Dektec API version

Version 2.10

Requires active support until Sept 4th 2009

  • registration descriptor format/organization parsing
  • identification of Dirac video streams
  • DVB Subtitle decoder view
  • SI History logging option
  • UI switchable between decimal and hexadecimal
  • support for multiple TS packet monitoring dialogs
  • fix for TR101290 TDT/TOT monitoring
  • fix for file feed bitrate control configuration
  • support for ATSC MGT,TVCT,RRT,STT
  • Authenticode signature for all executables and the .MSI installer

Version 2.00

Requires active support until June 26th 2009

  • Automatic software update check option
  • PCR interval and accuracy measurement
  • support for several new TR 101 290 test cases and TR 101 290 logging
  • Teletext level 1.5 decoder
  • added several CI+ descriptor decoders
  • added MHP AIT decoder
  • improved TV player startup/shutdown for ffmpeg support
  • added description for pid 0x15 (DVB-T SFN synchronization)
  • upgrade of UI library

Version 1.93a

This is the last version which does not check for the support period

  • TSDT parser
  • added PDF manual to the installer package

Version 1.92

  • support for ffdshow-tryouts codec

Version 1.91

Version 1.90

For older software versions, please contact our support.