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StreamGuru LabCAS

A minimal DVB Conditional Access System for Lab testing and small projects

The LabCAS system is a fully DVB simulcrypt compliant CA system which can not only be used for testing and integrating DVB-CA and DVB-CI support in an engineering or factory-test environment. It is also fully usable for mass-production deployments that do not justify the huge investment required for any of the major-brand CA systems. It is ideal for operators that need to encrypt DVB content for small audiences with as little technical and financial overhead as possible.

The software

  • is compliant to the DVB Simulcrypt standard (ETSI TS 101 197)
  • runs on a Windows- or Linux based PC or even a Raspberry Pi
  • is available for several STB chipset platforms
  • is available for Common Interface modules
  • supports cardless operation
  • comes with a Web-based configuration Interface
  • works well with our Scrambler

Features (depending on configuration/licensing)

  • Parental control
  • Fingerprinting
  • Panic-/Low-Complexity mode
  • Delivery of CI+ URIs and other copy control information
  • Out-of-band device (CI+) revocation
  • Pay per View / Event based entitlements
  • support for secure chipsets / key ladders

An SDK for 3rd-party device integrators available.

Engineering and Factory testing

Building and testing paytv systems is hard if you have to rely on live broadcasts. Getting matching smartcards is difficult. Testing CA support in a production envionment on the other side of the planet is even harder. Installing a LabCAS based test CA system in a factory solves this problem. We can offer CAMs that can be used for testing/validating DVB-CI/CI+ hardware interfaces and we are more than happy to discuss integration of real CA software cores with every feature and security level you need.

Affordable CA for deployments starting at 100 subscribers

Together with our hardware partners, we can offer a complete package of CA-System and pre-paired Receiver devices for DVB-S/C/T that operate without smartcard. Almost every DVB chipset built today comes with built-in key ladder support. Our software core can fully take advantage of this feature and make your paytv operation as secure as it would be with even the biggest brands in the CA market.

Subscriber management

The subscriber management can be done using a Web-based control interface or command line tools that can be integrated into an existing management infrastructure. This allows a simple integration into an existing workflow.

State of the art security

With more than a decade of experience with DVB CA, CI and CI+, we know what we are doing. Cardless operation can use latest generation secure chipsets, secure boot and OTP based device personalization.

Cross-Platform support

This software is available for Windows and Linux.
All licenses always include access to both builds.