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CI+ Integration FAQ



What does it cost to build a CI+ device ?

To a certain degree, this depends on the device configuration and the amount of certification test attempts. In general, the following costs should be taken into account in the project planning phase:

  • CI+ license fee (12.000 € for Device Licensees - annually)
  • device registration fee (2.000 € - per device)
  • device credentials (starting at 300€ per 10k batch)
  • optional: test kit purchase
  • certification test fee

For test kit and certification testing fees, please contact the test center monopolist resillion (formerly Eurofins)for the latest prices and T&C. According to our experience, the total license fee and certification cost overhead for a first CI+ product has reached approximately 100.000 € for a normal PVR-enabled STB product.

Application engines

Do CI+ devices need to support MHEG-5 or HBBTV ?

No. Up to and including CI+ 1.3 it was mandatory to support MHEG-5. In CI+ 1.4 this requirement has been dropped. There has never been a requirement to support HBBTV.

Do CI+ devices need to have a network connection ?

No, but devices which do have a network connection anyways do need to support the CI LSC resource and meet certain performance requirements.


Do CI+ devices need to support "secure boot" ?

Only for devices supporting ECP ("enhanced content protection" for 4K/UHD content), the CI+ license agreements explicitly state that a secure boot implementation is a requirement. For all other CI+ devices, the requirement usually still applies due to the fact that this is the only way to properly protect the per-device unique RSA keys.

Do CI+ devices need to support a TEE (trusted execution environment) ?

ECP devices need a TEE according to the license agreements. For all other devices a TEE is helpful to meet security requirements but it is not a legal requirement under the ILA.