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About CI Plus

CI Plus is an extension to the classic EN 50 221 standard. It adds an extra layer of security to the communication between the Host (STB or TV Set) and the CI Module. It secures the content on the transport stream interface and enforces copy protection regulation compliance. CI Plus compatible hosts are also compatible to standard DVB-CI modules.

The CI Plus specification is available at .

Our Solution

The GkWare CI Plus software is a simple add-on to our popular CI Stack. Customers that wish to perform an upgrade from an existing CI integration just have to include the new source code and very few new APIs in their projects. The PCMCIA driver interface is identical.

No surprises: Our stack is the basis for CI+ in most STBs deployed in recent years. It is ready for CI+ 1.5/2.0 and ECP.

By licensing our software stack, you can make sure that the cryptography and low level protocols work out of the box. Just add the operator profile, host control and LSC interfaces to your own DVB stack and you are ready for the first tests.

Test Material

As part of our own developments, we also created a lot of test material which can be licensed/purchased separately from our software stack. Material available for purchasing includes:

  • Transport stream (de-)scrambling software for Windows (implementing the standard AES and the (now obsolete) DES TS scrambling algorithms)
  • Reference Streams scrambled with fixed AES and/or DES keys
  • CI Modules implementing parts of the CI Plus Specification, based on our BISS CI Module

We are also operating a custom X.509 infrastructure that allows companies without a valid license from the CI Plus Trust Authority to start their development. Certificates and the documentation for this replacement "Licensee specification" are available on request.


The price for our market leading CI+ software stack (PCMCIA CIS parser, CI and CI+ source code) is currently 15.000€ (plus taxes). Please note that additional fees need to be paid for access to official test kits and for building official CI+ products (see FAQ point "costs"). If you think you found a better offer than our stack anywhere else, talk to us!