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HBBTV 2.0 File delivery protocol Generator

This utility creates streams based on Annex H of the HBBTV 2.0 specification "HbbTV File Delivery Protocol" based on an XML-based input configuration file.

The generated streams are fully compliant to the specification. For testing purposes, it is possible to artificially generate steams containing errors (e.g. missing segments). The software package only consists of a commandline application which can be launched automatically as part of a software build procedure. The generation of accompanying MPEG2/DVB tables can be turned on or off individually.

The software can either generate a single transport stream output file or operate in a live-streaming mode where an IP stream (RTP / UDP) is being generated.

Specification compliance

The application is compliant to the following specifications:

Sample configuration file

The following block shows a sample configuration file:


This sample configuration would create a stream that would deliver the file "HbbTV_specification_2_0.pdf".

The selection between "just generate one TS file" and "generate a nonstop IP-stream" (including the unicast or multicast destination address) is done using the command line parameters.

Pricing / Ordering

The price for one license is 599 € (plus applicable taxes).
All Software licenses include free updates and support for a minimum of one year. Please use the contact form for all inquiries. We do not ship/sell to anonymous freemail accounts.

This software is available for Windows and Linux.
All licenses always include access to both builds.