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Free & Open-Source TFTP Client & Server

You are looking for a free TFTP client/server which supports the TFTP blocksize option ?
Here it is:


The server

The server always listens on UDP port 69 and provides remote access to the working directory where the server has been started. The server will refuse requests for all files requests with "..", slashes and colons due to security reasons. Without these restrictions, all Files on the Host system would be accessible via TFTP.

The client

The client can replace the standard windows TFTP client. The commandline is compatible to the TFTP.EXE that ships with most OS versions, but it supports a number of useful extensions that are missing in the standard client.
These include the
- TFTP Blocksize option (RFC 2348)
- TFTP Timeout Interval and Transfer Size Option (RFC 2349)

Usage: TFTPClient [-i] [-b blocksize] [-t timeout] [-p portnumber] host [GET | PUT] local_file [destination_file]

Source code

The source code for these applications has been uploaded to:

Windows IconDownload Binaries

Freeware, Version 1.10, Build April 2015

- Download as zipfile (49 kB)

Changes in 1.01 => 1.10

  • fixed option negotiation algorithm
  • fixed lost-packet retry issue

Changes in 1.00 => 1.01

  • added support for transfers with more than 0xFFFF / 65535 blocks