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BISS CI Module

Legal Common Interface modules with support for the BISS CA system defined by the EBU are hard to find. After requests from several customers we decided to build one. Here it is.


The cam can store up to 4 different keys for BISS Mode 1 in the internal memory. You can enter three keys for three different services (identified by their service id) and one default key which will be used for all other services.

A total of 32 pids (on up to 32 different services) can be descrambled simultaneously. Professional 24/7 multichannel descrambling is fully supported.


Keys are entered using the the CI menu. Keys that have been entered once will not be shown again in the MMI once the configuration procedure has been completed.

How to buy

The price per CAM is 89 Euros plus shipping and taxes.
Shipping within Germany: 5,99 €
Shipping within the EU (tracked DHL parcel): 15,99 €
Express/World shipping: depends on destination, please ask !

Please tell us how many CAMs you need and where they have to be shipped to. We will then send you an official quote/invoice within 24 hours.

This CAM is intended for commercial use only. We do not sell or ship these CAMs to endusers and resellers. See why...

How does it work ?

Just have a look at the screenshots showing the different menus.

Hardware versions (EOL announcement for old hardware versions 1 & 2)

Several different hardware versions (called 1, 2/2.1 and 3) exist. Existing customers can identify the version they have in the Module Information menu. The high level software and features are identical on all versions. Hardware versions below 3 are however no longer in production and only a very small amount of hardware version 1 CAMs is left in stock. Hardware version 2/2.1 are permanently sold out. Customers requiring additional supply of a specific version should make sure that the requested hardware version is clearly stated in the order !


Support for multichannel descrambling (up to 32 pids on 16 services) has been added with firmware version 2.10. A PC-based upgrade software is available for CAMs with Hardware version 1. CAMs with Hardware version 2 can be upgraded using an OTA stream image that is available on request.