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BISS CI Module
For Professional use only

Why this is not sold to endusers:


The short answer is: We do not want to contribute to signal piracy.


The long answer(s):

BISS Security

The BISS specification is old and the whole system (Mode 1 and Mode E) effectively boils down to constant keys for the DVB-CSA transport stream scrambling mechanism. DVB-CSA keys as they are used by BISS have a strength of 56 bits. This short key length combined with the long validity period and algorithmical weaknesses makes it possible to perform brute force attacks against most streams encrypted with BISS.

Nevertheless, BISS is still used by a large amount of stations for contribution feeds because it is supported by a large amount of professional broadcasting equipment out of the box without any extra cost.

Not for UK Expats (It will not work anyways!)

We get a lot of requests from UK Expats who would like to descramble the Freeview contribution feeds on Intelsat. And yes... we know that Lyngsat lists them as encrypted with BISS. This is however only half of the truth. Even if we would sell you a CAM (which we will not), your dish would have to have exceptional reception quality and whatever receiver you intend to use for the demodulation, it is very likely that it is simply not capable of receiving a signal with the very high and unusual symbol rate of that feed. And even if all that would work, the way this stream is being encoded is "not just BISS" (at least the last time we checked). SI should not be scrambled - but it is on this stream.

So even if you have good reception and our CAM, your TV or Set-Top-Box will probably not send the right CI control information to the CAM to make the whole system work (unless the box has been specifically engineered for this piracy case). We do not want to support piracy, we do not want to constantly explain to people why their equipment is unfit for what they are trying to do and we definitely do not want to have refund discussions for all these cases.

Not for resellers

Well, resellers would sell to endusers. And then we would have all the problems described above.
We only sell this CAM directly to companies having a legitimate use for it. That does include DVB network operators, CA System vendors and engineering companies in the DVB business. It does not include TV repair shops.

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