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DSM-CC Stack

The DSM-CC code that is driving several of our products (MPEG-Analyzer, MHEG-5 engine etc.) is also available for licensing by 3rd-parties. The code is written in portable ANSI-C and there is a clear separation between the data carousel code and the object carousel code. Multiple carousels can be mounted/used independently of each other.

Specification compliance

  • ISO/IEC 13818-1 (MPEG2 - Systems)
  • ISO/IEC 13818-6 (MPEG2 - DSM-CC)
  • EN 301 192 (Specification for data broadcasting)
  • ES 201 812 V1.1.1 (Multimedia Home Platform 1.0.3)
  • ISO/IEC 13522-5 (MHEG-5)
  • ETSI TS 102 796 V1.1.1 (HBBTV)
  • TS 102 006 V1.3.2 Specification for System Software Update in DVB Systems

Optimized for top-performance

The DSM-CC code has been optimized for top performance. DDBs that are received out of sequence due to reception problems or transmission errors are required as far as possible. RAM-based caching is performed as far as permitted by the relevant specifications.

Proven reliability

The software has already been deployed on thousands of HBBTV and MHEG-5 capable receivers. Dynamically changing carousels including stream events are fully supported.

How to buy

If you are interested in licensing our DSM-CC client stack, please contact us.

DSM-CC carousel generators

We also have DSM-CC generation and playout software for DVB-SSU and generic object carousels.