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DVB-SSU Generator

This utility creates DVB-SSU software update streams.

The generated streams are compliant to the DVB-SSU simple profile and the following information can be encoded for each update file:

  • Download Name
  • Download Info
  • Machine-readable version number in the DSI GroupInfoIndication area as private descriptor
  • Estimated download time
  • multiple software compatibility descriptors
  • multiple hardware compatibility descriptors

The software is split into an editor (which is shown in the following screenshots) and a commandline application which can be launched automatically as part of a software build procedure. The generator creates a full MPEG2 transport stream with PAT,PMT and a complete DSM-CC data carousel.

Specification compliance

The application is compliant to the following specifications:

  • TS 102 006 V1.3.2 Specification for System Software Update in DVB Systems
  • EN 301 192 V1.4.2 Specification for data broadcasting
  • TR 101 202 V1.2.1 Specification for data broadcasting; Guidelines for the use of EN 301 192

Sample Screenshots

Purchasing options

For Broadcasters: 599 € (software allows free OUI selection)
For Receiver-Manufacturers: 399 € (Locked to one OUI, Customers should obtain a valid IEEE OUI before placing an order).
All Software licenses include free updates and support for a minimum of one year.

A demonstration version which will multiplex a few demo-notice packets into the stream and which will only generate streams for one fixed demo OUI is available on request (
We do not produce demonstration versions for customer-chosen and IEEE-assigned valid OUIs.

New Features in Version 1.50 (August 2018)

  • option to explicitly configure an Multicast source address
  • statistics output for IP live mux