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SSU Generator Commandline reference

The SSU Generator is split into two components, a GUI (only available for Windows) as convenient method for creating and editing configuration files and a commandline executable that contains the actual SSU carousel generation and transport stream multiplexing components. The SSU generator itself is available for Windows and Linux.

If started without any parameters, the following quick-help will be shown:

DVB-SSU Carousel & Transport Stream Generator 1.50
Copyright 2009-2019 GkWare e.K.
Wrong parameters
Usage: SSUGen  <config file> <output directory>
        or: SSUGen  <config file> ip:<ip-address>[:port] [src:<local-multicast-source-address>]
The default port number for IP streaming is 1234

The first parameter always need to be the path to the configuration file.

Generating a transport stream file

If a transport stream file should be generated, the tool expects two parameters.

The second parameter should contain the path of the output directory where the intermediate files (unless disabled in the configuration file) and the output transport stream are to be stored.

Generating & transmitting a live transport stream via IP

If the generator is supposed to transmit the output as a continiously looping transport stream via IP, the tool expects two or three parameters.

The second parameter should be the IP address where the stream should be sent to, optionally followed by a colon and the port number. If the port number is omitted, the default port 1234 will be used. The destrination address can either be a unicast address or a multicast address.

For multicasts on machines with more than one network interface, the optional third parameter might be required. It should contain the local IP address of the network interface where the multicast packets should be sent. You can find these addresses using the ipconfig/ifconfig commands of the operating system.