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MHEG-5 is just another name for the ISO/IEC 13522 specification. This specification only defines a language, some classes and the encoding rules of MHEG-5 objects. It does not define details like the "size of the screen" or how the content is delivered to the viewer. These details are defined in documents called Profiles. Almost all MHEG-5 profiles for digital television environments are based on the profile defined in the UK D-Book.

Countries or Operators usually define their own profile to ensure that devices deployed into their market support the features used by their MHEG-5 applications.

Countries and Operators using MHEG-5:

United Kingdom:


  • CI-Plus
    (MHEG-5 support was mandatory up to CI+ v1.3.1)


  • TVB


  • FreeView New Zealand
  • FreeView Australia

South Africa:

  • SABC DTT Trials