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Streamguru MPEG Analyzer Floating license FAQ/HowTo

What is a floating license ?

Floating licenses allow you to share one or more licenses across multiple users on the same network.
One Floating license is required per simultaneous user on the network.
For N simultaneous users on the network, N floating licenses need to be purchased.

Which system is being used ?

All permanent licenses are based on Codemeter USB dongles. Every PC acting as license server and every PC trying to make use of a license need to have the Codemeter Runtime installed. We are no longer issuing file-based permanent licenses and support for file based licenses will disappear in a future software version.

Which network ports need to be accessible ?

Codemeter uses UDP and TCP port 22350. Please make sure that your Windows Firewall (if enabled) and any 3rd-party Firewall software you might have installed do not block communication on this port.

How do I setup a license server for a Floating license ?

The server mode needs to be manually enabled. In the Codemeter WebAdmin Interface, please locate and enable the following checkbox:

Codemeter Server Config

Codemeter Server Config

The WebAdmin Interface is accessible over the Tray Icon that shows up after installation of the Codemeter runtime.