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How To generate Codemeter License Requests

If you already have an existing license which is installed on a Codemeter USB dongle and would like to receive a license update (e.g. for a support period extension), please follow these simple steps to generate a license update request file. There are two different ways to generate a license request.

Option 1: Use the analyzer if it is already installed

The latest version of the MPEG analyzer has a simple one-step option in the "Help" menu that will produce the file for you. Send the file generated in Step 6 to

Option 2: Use the Codemeter runtime

If you want to update a license for another product or if the MPEG analyzer is not installed, please follow these steps to generate a license request file.

Step1: Open the Codemeter Control Center

Select "License Update"

Step2: The Field Activation Service Assistant

Select "Next"


Step3: Select "Create license request"


Step4: Select "Extend existing license"


Step5: Select "GkWare e.K. (101331)"


Step6: Choose where to save the license request file


Step7: Done - Send the file generated in Step 6 to