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Support for compressed DVB strings

The MPEG Analyzer supports the decoding of several proprietary string compression methods.

The currently supported encoding formats are:

  • DVB string encoding type 1F 01/02, as used by BBC/Freesat
  • String encoding as used by Sky UK
  • String encoding as used by Sky Italy

All of these encodings use huffman tables.

For legal reasons, we do not bundle these tables with the analyzer at the moment. The application will show a warning message when it encounters strings that can not be decompressed due to missing tables.

The missing tables have been reverse engineered and published by a few clever guys as part of a few open source projects where they can be downloaded free of charge. After downloading the files, please put them into the MPEG Analyzer application directory (where the MTSA.EXE is located).

Where can you get these tables ?

The tables for BBC/Freesat are available here: (freesat.t1 and freesat.t2)

The tables for Sky UK and Italy are available here: (sky_uk.dict and sky_it.dict)

These tables should be complete.

Please note that several other versions of these files are available on the internet as well. Not all of these files contain the complete (as in: error free) huffman trees.