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The StreamGuru MHEG-5 Engine

The GkWare MHEG-5 Engine is a portable MHEG-5 stack that can be integrated into almost any existing digital television receiver firmware. Despite the announcements to replace some MHEG-5 broadcast services by HBBTV in the coming years, a large number of operators and device profiles still mandate support for MHEG-5 basted applications.

If HBBTV is too heavy for your device and you still need downloadable interactivity, MHEG-5 might solve your problem.

We license source code.

Engine features:

  • compatible with the UK/DTG D-Book
  • compatible with CI-Plus
  • DSM-CC object carousel engine included
  • reference targets are available for all standard chipsets (ARM, MIPS, SH4, x86)
  • A standalone emulator & live player for Windows using BDA receivers is available for engineering and testing purposes

Integration requirements:

  • ARGB, AYUV or palettized OSD Framebuffer with support for alpha-blending
  • C/C++ Compiler
    (no exception or template support is required)
  • APIs for
    • section filtering
    • A/V elementary stream control (if mandated by the targeted profile)
    • MPEG2 & AVC I-Frame decoding (if mandated by the targeted profile)

Need more than just a decoder engine?

If you need help with any other aspect of MHEG (e.g. application development, transmission, monitoring), please get in touch. In addition to the engine itself, we have developed countless tools, including a graphical editor, ASN/XML/MHEG encoding converters, tools for automatically exporting all MHEG-5 content from transport streams and a complete transmission system for multiplexing our own test applications into a live signal or test multiplex.

Further Information:

Supported Extensions

Operator & Profile overview

Download PDF datasheet